[openstack-dev] Newb looking to contribute

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 19:01:15 UTC 2015

On 06/27/2015 11:06 AM, Jeff Learman wrote:
> I'm an OpenStack newbie, but a seasoned programmer with decades of
> experience in data communications (especially IP stack lower layers) and
> embedded systems.  I'm fluent in Python, C, C++, and Java.
> I'm looking for some pro-bono work to do, and am open to any
> suggestions, advice, or pleas for help.  I'll need a bit of mentoring,
> mostly in terms of mentioning terms to study up on.
> I know about as much about OpenStack as I can learn from the Wikipedia
> entry.  I started setting it up on Ubuntu on Cisco UCS for a project
> where I worked, but no longer work there.  I don't have any resources
> other than a Windows laptop and the Internet, but I could wrestle up an
> x86-based Linux box if necessary (not a rack server, though -- low
> budget, I'd take an old tower, install a new MOBO, and go from there.)
> I'm willing to do tedious grunt work, as long as I'm learning something
> in the process (at least, to begin with.)  For example, if there's a
> desire to convert to Python 3, that'd be a great way to get involved,
> learn a lot, and make a contribution, with minimal deep knowledge
> required about OpenStack, and hopefully relatively minimal risk.

Hi Jeff! Welcome to the OpenStack community! :)

Dims and Steve had some great suggestions. I would add one specific 
low-hanging fruit item that wasn't on the nova-low-hanging-fruit 
etherpad until just now when I added it: unit test cleanups.

There are a ton of unit tests in Nova that use the mox/stubout library 
instead of the (now-standard in Py3K) mock library. We'd love to get the 
older test cases slowly converted over time. Converting the test cases 
can be done in an iterative fashion; allows the submitter to learn new 
parts of the Nova source code in an slow, metered fashion; and the 
contributor can feel good about making test code easier to read and 
rationalize about.

I'm on #openstack-nova most of the time. Feel free to hit me up with 
questions. Happy to assist ya :)


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