[Openstack] Adding new Hard disk to Compute Node

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Wed Aug 8 09:24:44 UTC 2018


there are a couple of questions rising up:

- what do you mean by "disks are not added"? Does the server recognize  
them? Do you see them in the output of "lsblk"?
- Do you already have existing physical volumes for cinder (assuming  
you deployed cinder with lvm as in the provided link)?
- If the system recognizes the new disks and you deployed cinder with  
lvm you can create a new physical volume and extend your existing  
volume group to have more space for cinder. Is this a failing step or  
someting else?
- Please describe more precisely what exactly you tried and what  
exactly fails.

The failing neutron-l3-agent shouldn't have to do anything with your  
disk layout, so it's probably something else.


Zitat von Jay See <jayachander.it at gmail.com>:

> Hai,
> I am installing Openstack Queens on Ubuntu Server.
> My server has extra hard disk(s) apart from main hard disk where OS(Ubuntu)
> is running.
> (
> https://docs.openstack.org/cinder/queens/install/cinder-storage-install-ubuntu.html
> )
> As suggested in cinder (above link), I have been trying to add the new hard
> disk but the other hard disks are not getting added.
> Can anyone tell me , what am i missing to add these hard disks?
> Other info : neutron-l3-agent on controller is not running, is it related
> to this issue ? I am thinking it is not related to this issue.
> I am new to Openstack.
> ~ Jayachander.
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