[Openstack] [OpenStack] VM start up with no route rules

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Thu Jan 19 15:56:44 UTC 2017

Does your VM's interface also have DHCP enabled? If it's configured to  
have a static address, it won't be changed by dhcp. Have you used the  
image outside of heat and did it work with dhcp for a single VM?

Zitat von "Xu, Rongjie (Nokia - CN/Hangzhou)" <rongjie.xu at nokia.com>:

> Hi,
> I am launch a heat stack on top of Mirantis OpenStack Mitaka.  
> However, I see no route rules (output of command 'ip route' is  
> empty) inside VM, which make the VM cannot get the metadata from  
> metadata server. Basically, the VM is connected to a management  
> network ( DHCP enabled).
> How can I debug this problem? Is it something wrong with Neutron? Thanks.
> Best Regards
> Xu Rongjie (Max)
> Mobile:18658176819

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