[Openstack] [Kuryr] libnetwork kuryr agent - nested containers

Agmon, Gideon (Nokia - IL) gideon.agmon at nokia.com
Mon Jan 9 10:03:19 UTC 2017


Is there a kuryr-libnetwork local.conf sample for nested containers?

A local.conf sample for kuryr-libnetwork on bare metal can be found in https://github.com/openstack/kuryr-libnetwork/blob/master/devstack/local.conf.sample and worked okay for my basic tests.

But I've not found the local.conf that suits the nested container case (containers within a VM), where the VM

- should include JUST the kuryr-libnetwork without kuryr server, as well as docker.

- should not include the other Openstack projects (that are in the host level) And Nuetron service plugin "trunk" should be added to the host (currently not included in the above link sample).

Also, how kuryr.conf should be configured so the agent will be connected to the kuryr-server at the host.

Thank in advanced,


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