[Openstack] Timeout of Horizon web interface when idle

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Wed Nov 30 04:41:24 UTC 2016

This question has mostly been answered in this thread already, but I'm 
recapping to highlight a potential pitfall.

On 11/22/16 11:10 PM, Kevin Wilson wrote:
> Hello,
> When there are periods of idle activity in the Horizon WebUI of
> OpenStack, I am kicked off from it and redirected to the login
> screen of it. It is usually occurs after several minutes of idle
> activity, something like 10 or 15 minutes or more.
This is (partly) the django config value SESSION_TIMEOUT, which can be 
increased in your horizon local_settings.py.  Note, however, that there 
is a bug in older versions of Horizon that caps this value at 8639 seconds:


That bug is resolved in Newton.

Of course, a longer horizon session lifespan is useless if your keystone 
token expires.  The keystone token length is configured with the 
'expiration' value in the [token] section of keystone.conf.

Due to constant complaints on the part of my users (who don't want to 
log in every few minutes), I have drastically increased the lifespan of 
keystone tokens in my install.  I've also added a 'remember me' checkbox 
to the Horizon login that allows for a very long session length on 
familiar systems.

My proposals to add this feature upstream haven't gotten much attention, 
but if you want to add it to your install these two patches should get 
you there:



> Is there a way to control this and make this interval longer ? or is
> it not an OpenStack Horizon tunable setting and depends simply on
> reset of the connection done by non OpenStack mechanism ?
> Regards,
> Rami
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