[Openstack] Brigde on compute node confusing tenant network with system interface.

Jorge Luiz Correa correajl at gmail.com
Tue May 17 13:09:08 UTC 2016


I should remove these entries


from sysctl.conf on compute nodes. I was previously testing the DVR
scenarios and these entries stayed on sysctl.conf file.

Just to post the resolution.



On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 4:35 PM, Jorge Luiz Correa <correajl at gmail.com>

> Hi list! I'm having problems with tenant network and one of compute nodes.
> I think that could be something with the compute node management ip address.
> Context:
> I'm testing the network scenario "classic with openvswitch" described here:
> http://docs.openstack.org/liberty/networking-guide/scenario-classic-ovs.html
> 1 controller node, 1 network node and 2 compute nodes.
> Compute node 1 has 4 interfaces:
> p3p1 - (management network)
> p3p2 - (tunnel network)
> p4p2 - no address (vlan network)
> em4 - no address (external network)
> When I create a tenant network with network address,
> instances launched on compute node 1 are having connectivity problem
> because they can't reach the network gateway
> Openvswitch agent creates a qbr bridge with a tap and a qvb interface. The
> instance has the address When I try to ping from
> this instance (its gateway), it doesn't work. With tcpdump I can see
> instance making the ARP request 'who has'. However, the first
> answer is from bridge qvb, using the bridge mac address. The correct would
> be the interface from virtual router, as I can see on compute node 2.
> I think the IP address on the management interface is making,
> for some reason, the bridge reply as if it was the gateway of tenant
> network.
> This just occur with this address! If I create the tenant
> subnet with address everything works great. Or, if I change
> the default setting for gateway address, make the gateway has another IP
> like, everything works fine too.
> Can someone help me? Are there some configuration with sysctl to solve
> this? Somewhere to verify?
> Tks!
> - JLC
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