[Openstack] Changed Controller and Compute public network interface IP address, then can't create new network

沈亚军 hiyajun at 126.com
Tue May 17 00:36:53 UTC 2016

Hi Team,
I created a OpenStack env in my company, it worked, and I can create VMs. (I follewed Liberty version CentOS 7 installation guide. My OS is Centos 7;   For network, I selected option 1 in the guide, the simple one)

Recently, for some reason I have to the change the  public interface IP address .  I just changed the public IP of controller and comptu servers  from OS.

After changeding the IP, I need create a new network, so new instances can allocated to this  network.  But  when I created a network, I always got  below error:
 Error: Failed to create network "test01": Unable to create the network. No tenant network is available for allocation.

Hope anyone can give some help, thanks  so much.

Junstin / 沈亚军
MP: 183 2122 6998
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