[Openstack] Brigde on compute node confusing tenant network with system interface.

Jorge Luiz Correa correajl at gmail.com
Mon May 16 19:35:04 UTC 2016

Hi list! I'm having problems with tenant network and one of compute nodes.
I think that could be something with the compute node management ip address.


I'm testing the network scenario "classic with openvswitch" described here:


1 controller node, 1 network node and 2 compute nodes.

Compute node 1 has 4 interfaces:

p3p1 - (management network)
p3p2 - (tunnel network)
p4p2 - no address (vlan network)
em4 - no address (external network)

When I create a tenant network with network address,
instances launched on compute node 1 are having connectivity problem
because they can't reach the network gateway

Openvswitch agent creates a qbr bridge with a tap and a qvb interface. The
instance has the address When I try to ping from
this instance (its gateway), it doesn't work. With tcpdump I can see
instance making the ARP request 'who has'. However, the first
answer is from bridge qvb, using the bridge mac address. The correct would
be the interface from virtual router, as I can see on compute node 2.

I think the IP address on the management interface is making,
for some reason, the bridge reply as if it was the gateway of tenant

This just occur with this address! If I create the tenant
subnet with address everything works great. Or, if I change
the default setting for gateway address, make the gateway has another IP
like, everything works fine too.

Can someone help me? Are there some configuration with sysctl to solve
this? Somewhere to verify?


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