[Openstack] How to make DevStack install OpenStack with Neutron?

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Tue Oct 7 03:30:10 UTC 2014

> From: Salvatore Orlando <sorlando at nicira.com>
> To: Mike Spreitzer/Watson/IBM at IBMUS
> Cc: OpenStack <openstack at lists.openstack.org>
> Date: 10/06/2014 05:40 PM
> Subject: Re: [Openstack] How to make DevStack install OpenStack with 
> ... 
> This is a localrc I have been using for ages for launching neutron 
> (with a few changes over time, of course): http://
> paste.openstack.org/show/119143/ 

Thank you.  When I try exactly that URL, the server errors.  But if I 
strip off the final slash, I see your paste.

I see nothing in that paste about setting the FLOATING_RANGE nor 
These need to bear some relation to the host's subnet, right?
Before you run DevStack, what is your host's IP address, netmask, and 

Does PUBLIC_NETWORK_GATEWAY describe a pre-existing gateway between the 
host's subnet and the wider world, or does it describe a gateway that 
DevStack creates between OpenStack's public and private networks?

Sorry, I should have given more details up front.  I am trying for my 
first successful install, so am not picky.  I do not really care which 
plugin is used, nor which driver.  A single-node install is fine.  I have 
done most of my testing with a fully updated Ubuntu 14.04 host.  I am 
trying to use DevStack to install the latest code.


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