[Openstack] How to make DevStack install OpenStack with Neutron?

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Oct 7 05:16:44 UTC 2014

On 07/10/14 09:45, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
> Is it possible to use DevStack to install OpenStack, including Neutron,
> so that OpenStack can make a VM that can communicate with the world
> beyond OpenStack?  I am looking for a simple localrc or local.conf that
> will do this.
> Let us take a concrete example.  Suppose I have a machine with one NIC,
> at  It has a simple routing table: one entry for the
> local subnet, one default route through a gateway at  I
> have nothing else on the subnet, I can use the other
> addresses (aside from .224 and .239) for VMs. What do I put in my
> localrc?  Do I have to fix up anything after stack.sh completes?
> Once I have a working OpenStack, the remaining questions are about how
> to use it to create a VM with the desired ability.  That would be as the
> demo user, in the demo tenant, right?  I would need a security group
> that allows the desired communication, of course.  Create the VM on the
> private net, give it a floating IP on the public network.  Any tricks
> missed here?
> Does it matter whether my machine at is a bare metal
> machine or a VM in some undercloud?
> Does it matter whether my machine has multiple ethN interfaces that have
> been bonded to make the interface (named bond0) in use?

For your first attempt you can probably make a simple set of changes to 
local.conf and just run the stack setup:

$ cd devstack
$ vi local.conf
$ cat local.conf

$ ./stack.sh

It creates some demo networks for you and is pretty much good to go out 
the box.



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