[Openstack] Paris approved. we'll talk about truly cloud-native application on 5th Nov.

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Mon Oct 6 09:37:37 UTC 2014

Hi Stackers,

I'm glad to share this topic. My presentation proposal has been agreed
by the Foundation in Paris Summit! The title of my session is "The
road to a OpenStack native application: What if VMs are treated as
Linux processes?".

Wednesday, November 5th  17:20 - 18:00

In my session, I'd like to talk about the "after the cloud"
application. I'd like someone who tries to develop cloud-native
application to listen to my presentation.

An application usually has a requirement of operating system such as
Windows 2008 SE and CentOS6.4. The cloud-native application also has a
requirement of cloud, like a specific version of OpenStack.

We can build an OpenStack cloud and use it easier than before, but
there are a few discussions focused on "how to use OpenStack cloud
more efficiently". I therefore have developed "RACK" that enables
application to control VMs like Linux processes, that is, application
itself can "Fork" and "Kill" to work.

Project resources are available on links below.

Project wiki:        https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/RACK
Source code:         https://github.com/stackforge/rack
Deployment guide:    https://github.com/stackforge/rack/tree/master/tools/setup
Sample applications:

It's easy to try sample applications if you have OpenStack cloud with
a version Grizzly or later. These applications are very simple, but
you could experience "OpenStack native application".

We are always welcome your questions, feedbacks, patches and feature
proposals. We would like to merge RACK into upstream of OpenStack.

See you in Paris!

Best Regards,

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