[Openstack] Swift: not existing objects in container list

Jan Krajdl jan.krajdl at casablanca.cz
Mon Oct 6 12:11:39 UTC 2014


I have problem with our very small swift cluster (running openstack
grizzly). I have 2 storage nodes in 2 zones (both with 5 discs, all
nodes are running account, container and object server), 2 swift proxy
servers and 2 load balancers for proxy servers. Objects are created with
X-Delete-At header. On one of proxy servers is running object-expirer.

Everything is working as expected (objects are automatically deleted)
but in some cases list of the container shows already deleted objects.
If I several times list container content in 30% cases I got in list
object which should be already deleted by object-expirer. Stat on this
object fails with error so it seems that object really doesn't exists
but only container see it. If I delete object manually it will work and
I never can see him again. Also only some objects stays in list, most of
objects are really deleted by object-expirer. Has anybody idea what can
cause this strange, random behaviour?


Jan Krajdl

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