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Eriane Leobrera ELeobrera at atum.com
Mon Dec 22 16:20:57 UTC 2014

Hi OpenStack,

I would really appreciate if anyone can assist me on my dilemma. Below are the capabilities I am looking for. We are on the process of deciding between OpenStack vs CloudStack. Capabilities are much more important for us, integrated and having everything automated.

Here are the list below:

1.      Integration with CRM 2013 (service tickets, lead/opportunity, contact/account and billing system).

2.      Integration with payment gateway (Moneris)

3.      PCI Compliant solution

4.      Audit trail enabled on all interactions (i.e server shutdown etc.)

5.      Support buying a new VM, signing up, auto charging them by credit card verification and auto provisioning VMs.

6.      Upgrade existing VMs with ability to reboot VM to have resources added

7.      Cancel VM which stops billing and scheduling for VM to be removed for x days later

8.      Support for pay by the minute billing

9.      Support for multiple data centre locations

10.  Supports a DNS Manager

11.  Ability to do a hard shutdown on VM

12.  Ability to have console level access

13.  Spin up new instance which wipes old instance and ability to reinstall

14.  Supports backup manager

15.  Ability to change password for panel login via email or security questions etc.

16.  VM management windows the shows RAM, CPU usage, IP, server name etc. (dashboard)

17.  Scheduled maintenance window that shows upcoming or passed (dashboard)

18.  Dashboard showing all VMs and current utilizations

19.  One click install software packages for define package

20.  Monitoring management to turn on/off or silence alerts

21.  Mobile support for rebooting VMs

22.  Security Threat Center

23.  Token tracking for resellers of our services

I would really appreciate if anyone can take a time to put a yes/no/NA next to each of the item on the list, it will definitely help me big time. I tried reading and watching few videos but I would really like to make sure as some of the items on the list are must haves.

Thank you in advance.

Eriane Leobrera

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