[Openstack] COnfiguration to setup basic cloud

somshekar kadam som_kadam at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 22 15:25:30 UTC 2014

Hi All, 

Currently I trying to setup the following cloud setup. 
Before I go further I just need to review the hardware configuration setup 

Basic requirement 

Total 40 VMs
Hard Disk per user 10 to 50 GB
RAM per VM 4 GB, dynamic max 12GB
Network per VM 100Mbits/second per VM 
MAx req is 16GHz per VM

SO I read openstack docs and Mirantis doc on this and cameup with this config 

1. CPU requirement 

total cores required 34 cores rounding it to 36 cores 
6 sockets containing 6 cores per socket 
1 CPU core with 2.4 GHz

Total number of CPU cores per VM = 5 

Total number of servers =3 ( 2 sockets per server).

Number of VM on single VM = 14 

2. Memory requirement
 40 VM's, 4 GB per VM, Min 512MB, Max 32GB  160GB 0f totalmemory = 40 VM x 4 GB per VM 
 Consider Dynamicallocation of RAM upto 12GB for each VM it accounts to, consideringper server 14 VMS it requires 168 GB per server.
3. Storage 
flat 2 TB disk 50GB per VM 
or with Redundancy wirh Raid 
4 TB ( 1TB of DISK each) with RAID 1, 5 or 10 
4. Networking 
to get 100Mbits/second per VM 
Use Two 1 GB link per server.
or use 10 Gig 

On the switches 24 ports of 1 GB switch should be sufficient . 

Can I have this hosted as single Host machine. ?
Or Is it better to have 3 servers. 
This is just to start inhouse  project replication of data or controller failure is OK later need to scale it. 

Please suggest if the above config is ok or any mis calculations  or may be better one. 

thanks in advance 


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