[Openstack] Neutron vs. FlatDHCP -- what's the latest?

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Mon Dec 22 02:00:02 UTC 2014


I'm about to set up a new cloud, so for the second time this year I'm 
facing the question of Neutron vs. nova-network.  In our current setup 
we're using nova.network.manager.FlatDHCPManager with floating IPs.  
This config has been working fine, and would probably be our first 
choice for the new cloud as well.

At this point is there any compelling reason for us to switch to 
Neutron?  My understanding is that the Neutron flat network model still 
doesn't support anything similar to floating IPs, so if we move to 
Neutron we'll need to switch to a subnet-per-tenant model. Is that still 

I'm puzzled by the statement that " upgrades without instance downtime 
will be available in the Kilo release"[1] -- surely for such a path to 
exist, Kilo/Neutron would need to support all the same use cases as 
nova-network.  If that's right and Neutron is right on the verge of 
supporting flat-with-floating then we may just cool our jets and wait to 
build the new cloud until Kilo is released. I have no particular reason 
to prefer Neutron, but I'd like to avoid betting on a horse right before 
it's put down :)




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