[Openstack] What's physical network for?

Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado gaguilar at aguilardelgado.com
Sun Dec 14 18:36:41 UTC 2014

Hi all, 

I'm installing a new compute node from scratch and reviewing all old 
config. I've found two setting that seems equal, one in ml2 plugin and 
one in openvswitch.

But I don't really understand why they are.

	bridge_mappings = default:br0,extnet1:br-ex

bridge_mappings = default:br0,extnet1:br-ex

For me it's strange the settings are in both places. I think this is a 
result of upgrading without taking much care of removing old config.

 But also it's strange that everything works with the bridges br0 and 
br-ex without physical interface. I mean, seems to do nothing but it 
needs to be there.  
Also I should expect VM be attached to br0 (Default) but it's not, they 
are attached to the br-int (integration bridge), for me this is 
correct. Since it's described here like this:


And works ok. 

So what's the purporse of these bridges?

Here is:

neutron 2.3.4
nova      2.17.0

Best regards,

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