[Openstack] Changing ML2 vlan range

Qin, Xiaohong Xiaohong.Qin at emc.com
Tue Dec 9 21:32:19 UTC 2014

You can start to debug this issue with some neutron CLIs,

neutron net-list

| 60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4 | private | 27fd9095-2492-4901-b06c-c59c58739078      |
| 8b59d35f-1c7d-4378-a0b9-618a51a083eb | public  | 122427d1-d1f2-4fdc-b98b-120b676df0f8 |

neutron net-show 60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4
| Field                     | Value                                |
| admin_state_up            | True                                 |
| id                        | 60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4 |
| name                      | private                              |
| provider:network_type     | vlan                                 |
| provider:physical_network | em1                                  |
| provider:segmentation_id  | 3                                    |
| router:external           | False                                |
| shared                    | False                                |
| status                    | ACTIVE                               |
| subnets                   | 27fd9095-2492-4901-b06c-c59c58739078 |
| tenant_id                 | dc8abbdd20424e43873b1db2cb41680c     |

If dhcp is working fine, you should see this,

dnsmasq --no-hosts --no-resolv --strict-order --bind-interfaces --interface=tap36464bad-e1 --except-interface=lo --pid-file=/opt/stack/data/neutron/dhcp/60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4/pid --dhcp-hostsfile=/opt/stack/data/neutron/dhcp/60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4/host --addn-hosts=/opt/stack/data/neutron/dhcp/60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4/addn_hosts --dhcp-optsfile=/opt/stack/data/neutron/dhcp/60ae6206-172e-45b2-8a9b-52b7ad7d84f4/opts --leasefile-ro --dhcp-range=set:tag0,,static,86400s --dhcp-lease-max=256 --conf-file= --domain=openstacklocal

So very likely you have a network problem and that network (55a76ce1-39e4-49fb-9951-6d31318ea86f in your case) is not fully up for some reason. Also, depends how you setup your neutron server, you can tail the actual neutron log file to get the detail server debug information (check your /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file).

Dennis Qin (aka Xiaohong Qin)

From: Ajay Kalambur (akalambu) [mailto:akalambu at cisco.com]
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To: Gangur, Hrushikesh (R & D HP Cloud); openstack at lists.openstack.org
Subject: Re: [Openstack] Changing ML2 vlan range

I tried restarting both neutron-service, dhcp agent and openvswitch agent

But now when I create a new network and launch instances DHCP agent wont start anymore

2014-12-09 16:51:34.472 13703 WARNING neutron.agent.dhcp_agent [req-df6e4f47-2040-4bf2-9ea7-fac027e0ff28 None] Unable to enable dhcp for 55a76ce1-39e4-49fb-9951-6d31318ea86f: there is a conflict with its current state; please check that the network and/or its subnet(s) still exist.

On a different node why is this a warning and not a critical error


From: <Gangur>, "Hrushikesh (R & D HP Cloud)" <hrushikesh.gangur at hp.com<mailto:hrushikesh.gangur at hp.com>>
Date: Monday, December 8, 2014 at 10:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Changing ML2 vlan range

You just need to restart neutron-server service.

From: Ajay Kalambur (akalambu) [mailto:akalambu at cisco.com]
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To: openstack at lists.openstack.org<mailto:openstack at lists.openstack.org>
Subject: [Openstack] Changing ML2 vlan range

After installation and once the cloud is active is wants to extend the VLAN range in ml2_conf.ini

network_vlan_ranges =physnet:501:599

What are the systematic steps one needs to take. Since there are existing networks present mapped to vlans here

Range would become something like

network_vlan_ranges =physnet:101:2000


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