[Openstack] Changing ML2 vlan range

Ajay Kalambur (akalambu) akalambu at cisco.com
Tue Dec 9 17:04:23 UTC 2014

I tried restarting both neutron-service, dhcp agent and openvswitch agent

But now when I create a new network and launch instances DHCP agent wont start anymore

2014-12-09 16:51:34.472 13703 WARNING neutron.agent.dhcp_agent [req-df6e4f47-2040-4bf2-9ea7-fac027e0ff28 None] Unable to enable dhcp for 55a76ce1-39e4-49fb-9951-6d31318ea86f: there is a conflict with its current state; please check that the network and/or its subnet(s) still exist.

On a different node why is this a warning and not a critical error


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Subject: RE: Changing ML2 vlan range

You just need to restart neutron-server service.

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Subject: [Openstack] Changing ML2 vlan range

After installation and once the cloud is active is wants to extend the VLAN range in ml2_conf.ini

network_vlan_ranges =physnet:501:599

What are the systematic steps one needs to take. Since there are existing networks present mapped to vlans here

Range would become something like

network_vlan_ranges =physnet:101:2000


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