[Openstack] Help - swift with low IOPS

pangj pangj at laposte.net
Wed Sep 4 08:18:42 UTC 2013


How does a setup make swift have the capability of 3000 TPS, for the 
average size 500KB of files? What architecture, hardware, network etc 
will be expected? Thanks for any suggestion.

On 2013-9-3 17:11, pangj wrote:
> Thanks for the info. I have checked this one days ago.
> Given the case, in the production environment, we have 3 nodes with SSD
> for account/container servers, 5 nodes each with 2T * 10 for object
> storage servers. Currently having two proxies. All servers are 16 core
> CPU powered, storage server (account/container/object) has 48GB memory,
> proxy has 16GB memory. The average size for an object is about 500KB,
> there are many containers (more than 100 millions), but objects under
> each container are few (less than 20). There is only one account for
> TempAuth.
> Is there any better way to optimize the architecture?
> Regards.

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