[Openstack] Instances fail to start after hypervisor reboot.

Igor Karpov ikarpov at helioscloud.com
Wed Oct 16 13:55:54 UTC 2013


This question is asked now and then but I could not find the solution. 
The problem is that after hypervisor rebooted, its VMs are shut off and 
their state is marked as ERROR on nova list. They can be easily started 

#nova reset-state <Instance ID> --active
#nova reboot <Instance ID>

We had no such issues with Folsom, it seems they appeared after update 
to Grizzly.

nova.conf has a 'resume_guests_state_on_host_boot=true'

I tried with libvirt autostart set both enabled and disabled for the 
instance. No luck.

Any ideas?

Due to the size of nova-compute.log (debug on) I do not want to put it 
inline, it is in attachment.
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