[Openstack] Upcoming wiki migration to Mediawiki

Michael Still michael.still at canonical.com
Fri Dec 7 21:53:50 UTC 2012

On 12/08/2012 07:15 AM, Anne Gentle wrote:
> Hi all -
> tl;dr: Migration of wiki.openstack.org <http://wiki.openstack.org> from
> MoinMoin to Mediawiki commences 12/17. Service will continue with
> Mediawiki as the wiki engine after 12/21.
> While the MoinMoin engine served its purpose to get started, it makes
> sense for us to move to Mediawiki and bring the  wiki instances into the
> CI umbrella for better maintenance and ongoing  work.
> Here's the timeline for this move:
>  - migration test Monday 12/17 
>  - cleaning up and testing new wiki site 12/18-20 
>  - go-live 12/21

Is there a period where we shouldn't edit the wiki at all? I ask because
this will block new contributor signups.


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