[Openstack] Upcoming wiki migration to Mediawiki

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Fri Dec 7 20:15:41 UTC 2012

Hi all -

tl;dr: Migration of wiki.openstack.org from MoinMoin to Mediawiki commences
12/17. Service will continue with Mediawiki as the wiki engine after 12/21.

While the MoinMoin engine served its purpose to get started, it makes sense
for us to move to Mediawiki and bring the  wiki instances into the CI
umbrella for better maintenance and ongoing  work.

Here's the timeline for this move:
 - migration test Monday 12/17
 - cleaning up and testing new wiki site 12/18-20
 - go-live 12/21

In the spirit of the hols, we are grateful to Mediawiki's Ryan Lane for
offering to set up a Mediawiki instance for OpenStack projects to use. The
CI team and Ryan have puppetized the infrastructure which standardizes
another tool set in the common CI platform. This move solves quite a few
problems with spam, notification ghosts, tables being crazy, pages becoming
corrupt, and gives us licensed CC-By wiki content.

For some historical background, we never had a true license agreement
assigned to wiki content. (Oh, the shame, says the doc coordinator.) The
wiki footer has indicated Apache 2.0 licensing for all the projects, and we
want to be respectful of all wiki content and indicate a license more
clearly. To this end, we have talked with the OpenStack Foundation board
about licensing all content CC-By, including the wiki, and they are

Your wiki logins will continue to work through Launchpad IDs.  We'll send
another email with a URL for testing and clean up work.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me, Anne Gentle, or pop into
#openstack-infra and ask away.

Proud dwellers of wikistan,
Anne, Ryan, and the CI team
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