[openstack-tc] Incubation process

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 22:26:18 UTC 2013


The "Incubation Update" committee meetings are still going on, but
Thierry and I made the point at the last meeting that the TC will soon
need to be able to proceed with evaluating Ceilometer and Heat for
graduation from Incubation.

We came up with a summary of how we think the TC should proceed based on
the committee discussions so far. I think it closely matches what the TC
agreed previously its position[1] on the issue.

I'm giving the Foundation Board a run through of this on Thursday (as
the TC rep) to give them an opportunity to raise any red flags. Assuming
all is well there, I expect we'll need to quickly go about updating the
TC's policies on Incubation.

To be clear - all of this is still subject to a final TC vote.

The full summary is here:


but the tl;dr is:

  * Graduating from Incubation means a project is "Integrated", meaning 
    it will be part of the next coordinated release

  * Which projects are accepted into - and graduate from - Incubation 
    is the TC's decision

  * The "Core" designation is closely tied to the trademark programme
    managed by the Foundation Board

  * There should be no expectation that projects which graduate from 
    Incubation will eventually be designated "Core". Projects will work 
    with the Foundation Board - either before, during or after 
    Incubation - to understand whether they are likely to be suitable to
    be "Core" in future

Thierry did an excellent job of drawing this:


Does this all make sense to everyone?


[1] - I double-checked exactly what we agreed since it has been a while :)

The position we voted for was:


  Separate the trademark question from the "developed under OpenStack
  umbrella" question, have incubation be the process by which you become
  supported, potentially with multiple categories as far as associated
  resources are concerned

We called this the "annemark" motion which was a summary of this:


  The concepts of "what is core" and "what is in OpenStack" have been 
  conflated until now. The TC cares far more about the process for new
  projects to be included in the coordinated release than it cares about
  which projects are required to be used by providers in order to access
  the trademark.

  We would like to take an inclusive but measured approach to accepting
  new OpenStack projects. We should evaluate any given proposed project
  on a well defined set of criteria like whether it embraces our values
  and processes, is useful to OpenStack users, well integrated with
  other projects and represents a sensible broadening of the scope of

  We see Incubation as a trial period where promising projects have the 
  opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for inclusion in our 
  coordinated releases.

  We see the term "Core OpenStack Project" in section 4.1.b of the  
  bylaws as being solely related to trademark guidelines. The Foundation
  should simply maintain a list of projects required for trademark 
  usage. We would be happy for that list to be called "Core Projects" 
  or for a new name to be chosen to describe that list.

with the addition of Anne's suggestion that some projects which are "in
OpenStack" (what we're now calling "Integrated") might potentially
receive different levels of resource commitment in terms of e.g.


  - track time at the Summit every six months
  - release management time at the weekly Project meeting
  - testing gated via DevStack and/or tempest
  - CI guidance
  - documentation guidance

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