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Hey everyone,

Wanted to start a thread for UC specific takeaways from the Summit. Here
are the things that stood out and would love additions:

UC Top 5 - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-uc - we have
discussed previously having goals as a UC and in Sydney we decided to put
together a top 5 list; mirroring what the TC has done. We should be able to
provide this to the Board, Staff, and TC as needed and continuously update
the community on progress. We have not decided on any of these of course
but here is what is currently listed.

   1. LTS
      - Conversation is going well via ML
      - Our discussion was to allow the folks who want to work on LTS the
      chance to do it as they see fit; no exact way but discussion
actively going
      on, get involved
   2. Operator midcycle integration into larger event/feedback ecosystem
      - We have as a community made significant changes to ensure user
      feedback getting in front of those working on the code earlier
than before
      and we have to be sure that we tie into that process as it is designed.
      - Mexico City was an edge case of the past few midcycles that have
      been community-led but gave great insight into worse case scenario; what
      have we learned and what can we do better?
      - How specifically can the Foundation Staff help - again the biggest
      need is to ensure tying into bigger ecosystem
   3. More operator proposed forum sessions
      - Very much tied to #2.
      4. Vision casting exercise
      - TC and documentation team has gone through this exercise; Doug
      Hellmann agreed to be available either F2F or via video conference to do
      this with UC
      5. Company view of non-developer community participation
      - It is easy for companies to hire/organize developers as FTEs for
      community work and impact is readily available via quantitative
output from
      the community; commits, blueprints, etc.
      - It is equally important for companies to allow non-developers -
      project managers, product managers, system administrators, developers,
      devops engineers, etc - some percentage if not 100% to community work. It
      should not all be personal/volunteer time in order to increase
the velocity
      of user community growth and impact.
      6. "stackalytics" for user community
      - Closely tied to #5. Assists with non-developers being able to show
      their impact in the community and justify travel amongst other things.
      - We should discuss how to make this happen and prioritize
      - Started a document -
   7. Joint TC/UC meetings
      - Ensuring there is more parity between TC and UC.
      - Carrying forward from Boston Forum
         - Feel free to crash each others meetings

User Survey

   - One important detail I took away from the User Survey session was a
   request to move the survey to being held once a year in terms of analysis
   and compilation.
   - Survey is always available to take. Suggestion was to prod community
   every quarter for example to take the survey while only compiling yearly


   - Initiated by OpenStack Foundation, Huawei, and Intel, currently
   involved companies include Deutsche Telekom and VEXXHOST. OpenLab currently
   is focusing on SDKs moving to define, stabilize, and support official
   OpenStack SDKs. Gophercloud is currently using OpenLab and work is being
   done to add the OpenStack provider for Terraform into the system.
   - Another phase of OpenLab is to tightly integrate with or learn heavily
   from OPNFV's XCI. Currently discussing this with the lead engineer of XCI
   and could possibly lead to re-branding XCI as OpenLab increasing the scope,
   collaboration, and integration of OpenLab components and Open Source
   - As the UC, OpenLab is important to us, as it targets the user
   community of OpenStack and other user communities of
   tools/components/applications that work with OpenStack, so we should push
   with the Foundation to ensure it is successful.

Cross-Community Participation

   - gophercloud/terraform/k8s
      - greatly part of OpenLab (gophercloud integrated, terraform almost -
      +unittests/-acceptancetests - researching k8s connection
      - many sessions regarding SIGs of both k8s and OpenStack where many
      folks were interested in increased cross-pollination and not
being redundant
   - OPNFV's XCI - mentioned previously also closely tied to OpenLab -
   first meeting scheduled for Friday 11/17 9-10am CST - reply if interested
   - It makes sense for entire community to look for ways to work more
   closely with other communities relevant to current and future work


   - Concern from UC on relevance due to many going to SIGs model - should
   discuss further via ML openstack-sigs with [meta] tag
   - Bi-weekly "newsletter/digest" much like the openstack-dev list summary
      - single etherpad allowing SIGs to provide an update which will be
   - Communication on what SIGs are and how they relate to existing Working
   Group/Project/Team structure (superuser, youtube, etc)

Again, please add more items as you feel necessary. We want to be able to
create next steps from these items.

Kind regards,

OpenStack User Committee
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