[Openstack-operators] MongoDB as Ceilometer backend - scaling

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Mon Sep 26 01:25:32 UTC 2016

i don't want to speak for rest of Telemetry contributors but i don't 
think many(any) of us suggest using MongoDB or Ceilometer's API for 
storage. It is basically a data dump of what Ceilometer is collecting so 
it will be very, very verbose for most/all use cases.

as Joseph mentioned, Gnocchi[1] was developed to target billing/resource 
usage/health use case so it's optimised to store large sets of 
time-based measurements. Gnocchi v3 was just released so you may want to 
give that a try if you it fits your use case. i've been doing some 
performance testing on it this cycle that might help (specifically if 
using the Ceph backend)[2].

[1] http://gnocchi.xyz/
[2] http://www.slideshare.net/GordonChung/gnocchi-profiling-v2

On 14/09/2016 9:57 AM, Tobias Urdin wrote:
> Hello,
> We are running Ceilometer with MongoDB as storage backend in production
> and it's building up quite fast.
> I'm just having some simple thought on how large MongoDB setups people
> are having with Ceilometer?
> More details about backup, replicas and sharding would also be appreciated.
> I think we will have to look into moving our three replicas to sharding
> in a short period of time.
> Best regards
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