[Openstack-operators] MongoDB as Ceilometer backend - scaling

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at crystone.com
Mon Sep 26 08:43:29 UTC 2016

Hello Gordon,

I have talked to a lot of different people at various companies, most of
them (including us) has been looking towards Gnocchi and and surely
gonna use it in the future however it's still missing packaging,
documentation and production testing (being used in production).

Therefore it's today mostly used for testing. But I agree that the void
that Gnocchi tries to fill is a great addition to the Telemetry "family"
of OpenStack.

Best regards

On 09/26/2016 03:27 AM, gordon chung wrote:
> i don't want to speak for rest of Telemetry contributors but i don't 
> think many(any) of us suggest using MongoDB or Ceilometer's API for 
> storage. It is basically a data dump of what Ceilometer is collecting so 
> it will be very, very verbose for most/all use cases.
> as Joseph mentioned, Gnocchi[1] was developed to target billing/resource 
> usage/health use case so it's optimised to store large sets of 
> time-based measurements. Gnocchi v3 was just released so you may want to 
> give that a try if you it fits your use case. i've been doing some 
> performance testing on it this cycle that might help (specifically if 
> using the Ceph backend)[2].
> [1] http://gnocchi.xyz/
> [2] http://www.slideshare.net/GordonChung/gnocchi-profiling-v2
> On 14/09/2016 9:57 AM, Tobias Urdin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are running Ceilometer with MongoDB as storage backend in production
>> and it's building up quite fast.
>> I'm just having some simple thought on how large MongoDB setups people
>> are having with Ceilometer?
>> More details about backup, replicas and sharding would also be appreciated.
>> I think we will have to look into moving our three replicas to sharding
>> in a short period of time.
>> Best regards
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