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Major Hayden major at mhtx.net
Wed Feb 17 19:33:12 UTC 2016

On 02/17/2016 01:23 PM, Wade Holler wrote:
> Going to ask this question without much data or background as I hope someone very familiar with openstack-ansible will be able to easily answer it.
> I tried to follow the install guide and network config pretty closely. 
> All is well except my physical compute nodes don't have an eth12.  
> What is the best was to change the openstack-ansible config (/etc/openstack_deploy/openstack_user_config.yml /etc/openstack_deploy/user_variables.yml ) such that this is tolerated.  i.e., flat:eth12 not placed in the physical_interface_mappings line of /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/linuxbridge_agent.ini ?

Hello Wade,

I ran into this problem as well and it's a bit confusing.  The eth12 interface is used in the AIO since we need three networks (VLAN, flat, and VXLAN), but we have only two bridges (br-vlan and br-vxlan).  You can use eth12 in your deployments, but you'll need to create a veth for that.  There's no requirement to use all three of these network types in your production environment.

Which networks do you plan to use?  If you plan to use VLAN and VXLAN without flat networking, you can omit the provider network section for the flat network.  Here's an excerpt from what I'm using in production:


Does that help?

Major Hayden

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