[Openstack-operators] Scaling the Ops Meetup

David Medberry openstack at medberry.net
Tue Jun 30 15:33:06 UTC 2015

Hi Tom, et al,

1) I think corporate operators are fine sponsors (or as I prefer,
underwriters) of the event. But with modest/token acknowledgement only of
their largesse. *

2) No vendor booths. I'm fine with an Oprah sponsorship goodie bag on the
chairs or at registration time, but nothing more overt than that. We don't
have time as it is to do all the intermingling/discussing we need to do.
Vendor booths would just make this PAINFUL.

3) Venue selection will continue to get tougher. If no venue has been
selected at this point, I'd say the L mid-cycle is at great risk. Finding a
venue and a funding mechanism needs to happen now.*

* with respect to Time Warner Cable, I'm garnering the support needed to
help with venue/meal funding. No specific commitments should be inferred at
this point.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 10:33 PM, Tom Fifield <tom at openstack.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Right now, behind-the-scenes, we're working on getting a venue for next
> ops mid-cycle. It's taking a little longer than normal, but rest assured
> it is happening.
> Why is it so difficult? As you may have noticed, we're reaching the size
> of event where both physically and financially, only the largest
> organisations can host us.
> We thought we might get away with organising this one old-school with a
> single host and sponsor. Then, for the next, start a brainstorming
> discussion with you about how we scale these events into the future -
> since once we get up and beyond a few hundred people, we're looking at
> having to hire a venue as well as make some changes to the format of the
> event.
> However, it seems that even this might be too late. We already had a
> company that proposed to host the meetup at a west coast US hotel
> instead of their place, and wanted to scope out other companies to
> sponsor food.
> This would be a change in the model, so let's commence the discussion of
> how we want to scale this event :)
> So far I've heard things like:
> * "my $CORPORATE_BENEFACTOR would be fine to share sponsorship with others"
> * "I really don't want to get to the point where we want booths at the
> ops meetup"
> Which are promising! It seems like we have a shared understanding of
> what to take this forward with.
> So, as the ops meetup grows - what would it look like for you?
> How do you think we can manage the venue selection and financial side of
> things? What about the session layout and the scheduling with the
> growing numbers of attendees?
> Current data can be found at
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Operations/Meetups#Venue_Selection .
> I would also be interested in your thoughts about how these events have
> only been in a limited geographical area so far, and how we can address
> that issue.
> Regards,
> Tom
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