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The nova instance user workflow could be used for that?

A template could start the vm, register the instance user id with the IdP, and then the instance can call the IdP to register.

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On 06/15/2015 07:46 PM, Barrett, Carol L wrote:
Operators – The Enterprise Work Group (formerly known as Win The Enterprise) has a team working on a Proof Of Concept for using Metadata to describe requirements for legacy apps and workloads to be on boarded onto an OpenStack Cloud.

We have 2 use cases that we are planning to implement: Encrypted Storage and Workload Isolation.
You can find these use cases here:

I am asking for your help:

  1.  We’re looking for an Operator who has a real world example of either of these use cases and can share information about config and overall requirements. We want to make sure our PoC is realistic.
  2.  We need more use cases to run through our PoC. Do you have Legacy App or Workload that you can work with us to write up a use case around?

If you’re game for either of these please let me know.
Carol Barrett

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I'm not an operator, but I play one on TV.  My examples are not real world except as a developer using OpenStack.

I want to be able to launch a VM and have it automatically register with an Identity management service.  To do this, I need to generate a one time password that gets passed to both the IdM and to the VM, and User-Data  seems to be the only tool.  However, I would ideally have something that perform this workflow, regardless of how the user kicked off the task, and that would not require the user to modify the user-data when launching the VM;  it would be a property of the project instead.

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