[Openstack-operators] How can I select host node to create VM?

Edgar Magana edgar.magana at workday.com
Mon Aug 18 16:25:00 UTC 2014

Basically, what you need is to write your own Compute Scheduler based on Networking information.
It is not the first time that somebody proposed a networking-based scheduler, I would recommend to look back on the previous OpenStack summit and search for sessions related to the computer scheduler topic and then contact directly to the presenter(s). It could save you a lot of time and development effort.

In order to get Networking information, you could get many valuable data from Ceilometer.



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Subject: [Openstack-operators] How can I select host node to create VM?

When I create instance, I want to choice host node.
I saw that by default, VMs are scheduled by filter scheduler which only consider computing resource.
I want to apply substrate network considered scheduling algorithm on OpenStack.
To do this one, I have to monitor utilization of computing/network resources.
Now, I'm planning to use OpenvSwitch commend to know network situation.

Do you have any comment for me? (monitor/scheduling)

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