[Openstack-operators] VM with a public IP

Jim Bailey jim at freesolutions.net
Tue Aug 14 07:38:42 UTC 2012

On Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:16:24 -0500, Paul Walton wrote:
> I can certainly see the advantage to the current approach when you 
> own
> the network, but there are so many cases where you simply can't 
> modify
> the existing infrastructure.  In my case, there is simply no reason
> for me to manage the network.  Up until now, all I have needed was
> for my VM to make a DHCP request, and get a public IP.  However, I
> really like the idea of OpenStack, and my boss is convinced that we
> need to be using it.  So, unless OpenStack has the ability to do
> this, then I'm left with having my boss petition the network admins 
> to
> give us a subnet to use.  Which may take a fair amount of time.

Then that is what you have to do, I work within large organisations 
managing their web services and have lost track the number of times I 
needed to sit down and create a proposal for resources.  This is an 
organisational (Devops or Netops)) type issue not an Openstack issue.
> I don't like the idea of hacking a solution together, so I guess the
> real question is, can OpenStack currently do this or not?

You don't need to hack anything together, you need to sit down with 
your manager and the networking team and see if they can help achieve 
your aims.

No Openstack doesn't do this.

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