[OpenStack-Infra] JJB 2.0.0 API Rewrite

Wayne Warren wayne at puppetlabs.com
Thu May 14 05:55:26 UTC 2015

I have identified in the openstack-infra/infra-specs addition linked
below a number of API shortcomings in Jenkins Job Builder that I
believe can be addressed with concerted effort which I am personally
willing to put in. I am hoping to solicit buy-in and guidance from
other JJB developers before doing too much more coding.


Last week as part of a proof of concept for generating Jenkins XML
with JJB using pure Python modules, I developed a series of patches
which actually begin to address some of the problems outlined in this
spec. The current head of this development effort can be seen here:


This series of patches does not currently include any work specific to
the Jenkins configuration in Python that I mentioned before primarily
because one of my goals with that work was to prove that I could
effectively utilize JJB as library in an external application.

I don't consider implementing this Python module Jenkins configuration
to be in-scope for JJB 2.0.0, but will consider pulling it in for a
later minor version release along with a set of base abstractions that
may also be useful in a future YamlParser rewrite. If anyone happens
to be interested in seeing this work in progress, I'd be happy to set
up a public repository that demonstrates with a very simple example.

Thanks for your time!

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