[OpenStack-Infra] Translations tools session at Summit on Monday

Łukasz Jernaś deejay1 at srem.org
Wed May 20 19:20:09 UTC 2015

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:59 PM, Elizabeth K. Joseph
<lyz at princessleia.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,


> At our meeting yesterday I mentioned that we'd be using one of the
> i18n team's slots to talk about translations tools. I've asked Daisy
> to confirm, but right now it looks like this session will land at the
> 2:00-2:40 on Monday: "I18n - Building Translation Platform"
> https://openstacksummitmay2015vancouver.sched.org/event/83ceed4873820c889e79734fb3a4aa35#.VVOrNnU4l4s

> 2. The possibility of an infra-hosted Horizon translation check site.
> Presumably this would spin up a translated devstack instance each day
> that the translators would some how be able to log in to and look at
> translations, related threads:
> [Openstack-i18n] Horizon translation check site for Kilo
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2015-March/thread.html#966
> [Openstack-i18n] Horizon translation check site
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2015-May/thread.html#1085
> For this bit, I could really use the support of my fellow infra folks
> so we can discuss all the ramifications of hosting it (how we handle
> translator authentication on the devstack instance, etc).

As agreed during the meeting, I've prepared a spec (which is WIP
probably ;) and submitted it here:

So comments are welcome, especially that's my first spec ever.

The i18n team will have another meeting today at 2:05 PM to 5 PM
outside the Room 1, East Building, so if Daisy didn't already invite
you, you'll probably free to come if you want to discuss some more.

Have a nice day,
Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś

P.S. I'll have to read my email more - I totally missed this thread :(

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