[OpenStack-I18n] User Survey Translation Updates

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Mon Apr 16 14:22:42 UTC 2018

That particular change had to do with a change in format of the 
question.  Some of the HTML is embedded within the question/answers, so 
I'm not sure how feasible it is to remove.  I'll look into it though.

Thank you for the feedback.


> Akihiro Motoki <mailto:amotoki at gmail.com>
> April 15, 2018 at 1:34 AM
> Hi Jimmy,
> Looking at Zanata, I see several strings contains HTML markup like 
> "<p>Others</p>. We already translated "Others".
> Hopefully strings without HTML markup would be nice.
> It helps us use translation memories and we can keep translations more 
> consistent easily.
> Akihiro
> Jimmy McArthur <mailto:jimmy at openstack.org>
> April 14, 2018 at 5:16 PM
> Hello translation team! I wanted to flag some updates to the latest 
> User Survey: 
> https://translate.openstack.org/iteration/view/openstack-user-survey/openstack-user-survey?dswid=-8227 
> The goal is to have all versions of the survey available before end of 
> April. The list of updates should be fairly brief, but please let me 
> know if you have questions or concerns.
> Thanks!
> Jimmy
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