[OpenStack-I18n] language specific view in Zanata

Robert Simai robert.simai at suse.com
Tue Oct 11 16:00:39 UTC 2016


as a translator for a specific language I'm mostly interested to make sure 
that all relevant projects and files for my language are complete. 
Unfortunately in Zanata I need to access my files through

-> Version
->-> Languages
->->-> Documents

to finally see how we're doing. I'd clearly prefer to start with my language 
and have a more plain view of all projects (or better documents) and their 

Does anyone know if that's achievable in Zanata or would that be an 
enhancement request?

To not consequently stringfreeze is annoying but this would at least 
mitigate the situation and not require clicking through each and every 
project, even they were known to been at 100% translated before ...


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