[OpenStack-I18n] [OpenStack-docs] No document string freeze on stable branch?

Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 03:55:03 UTC 2016

My point is only about stable/mitaka branch of Networking Guide.
Honestly I think I am stopping catching up with translation maintenance of
Mitaka Networking Guide
as I thought only small updates will happen.
If we i18n team should assume large changes happen suddenly even for stable
perhaps only full-time translators can continue to work on them.

The same thing applies to continuously-released guide.
For example, Japanese translation of the older admin guide (IIRC some
difference name) had good progress,
but after the admin guide was refactored drastically, it seems no
translators are working on it as it's massive volume
and they lost their previous contents. After more than one year passed from
the introduction of the new admin guide,
Japanese translation percentage is less than 10%.

Honestly, the i18n team looks better to revisit documentation translation
strategy though I have no good idea.
It may be better that the i18n team translates guides with lesser volume to
avoid losing a lot.

> Japanese team
I give up maintaining the translated networking guide.
It will be dropped from the Japanese index sooner or later unless someone
jumps in.
I start to think it is more productive if I add more contents to the
upstream guide.


2016-10-11 7:56 GMT+09:00 Matt Kassawara <mkassawara at gmail.com>:

> For a moment, let's assume Newton isn't released yet because
> openstack-manuals hasn't branched yet. I'm working on some significant
> beneficial changes to the networking guide that resolve a number of issues
> we probably should have addressed a while ago... ideally before the release
> of Mitaka... but I couldn't accomplish it and no one else contributes to
> this particular content. The networking guide isn't continuously published.
> When my changes to it merge in master, they are essentially invisible to
> operators until the next release. Operators often run a stable release or
> two behind master. Thus, only merging in master (which becomes the next
> release) limits the audience of the changes. Backporting such changes to
> the prior release (if they apply) makes them visible to a wider audience.
> Furthermore, this particular patch resolves a number of issues with the
> Mitaka content. Finally, doesn't the same issue of translation apply to
> continuous-release content such as the admin guide?
> On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 4:22 PM, Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Correction.
>> 2016-10-11 7:20 GMT+09:00 Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com>:
>>> Does the openstack-manuals project allow a big refactoring in **stable**
>>> branches?
>>> I saw a big refactoring on the networking guide was merged in the master
>>> branch
>>> and it was backported into stable/mitaka branch.
>>> As a result of the backport, 25% of Japanese Mitaka Networking Guide
>>> translation.
>> As a result of the backport, 25% of Japanese Mitaka Networking Guide
>> translation was lost.
>>> I was really shocked that such thing happened in a stable branch.
>>> If the project allows such backport, translators will easily lose their
>>> translation
>>> and it implicitly means the project suggests not to translate it.
>>> I would like to know the policy of the docs stable branch maintenance.
>>> Akihiro
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