Few Open Questions: Openstack vs Proprietary cloud stacks

KK CHN kkchn.in at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 06:59:01 UTC 2022


Very recently  I came across a discussion with a banking corporation who
are  heavy users of VMware in all their Data Centre operations ..

They asked me a  lot of questions in comparison with openstack vs other
proprietary vendors (such as  VMware.   ).

As I am promoting OpenStack  I need to clarify these questions raised by
the organization.

I request your inputs for these queries .

1. Does OpenStack  support Hyper Converged Infrastructure ?
Or any HCI vendors already  with OpenStack solutions? Please share the
URL/link of case studies of OpenStack HCI.
Any documentation/Reference  to install openstack as HCI solution  with
supported H/W OEM details . I can try out ...

2. Is there any performance benchmark for openstack to compare with other
such cloud stacks  ( URL/reference links kindly share )

3. What is the market share of OpenStack all over the world ? ( If any
statistics kindly share.)
Any survey reports available how many large and medium organizations are
using Openstack distributions for  private/public cloud use in production ?

4. Does OpenStack new versions support VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
solutions out of the box.? pls give a reference link / url for the same.

5.  What is the alternative for VROPS and VRA (including self service
capabilities, Blueprint/Template based deployment) in OpenStack and any
comparative study on the capabilities available.   ( Please share inputs if
any to refer. )

6. What is the alternative of VMWARE Network Insights and VMWARE CodeStream
and Vrealize  Loginsights  in  OpenStack ?

7.  Any major capability available in VMware cloud stack for which
alternative is not available in OpenStack out of the box ?

8.  Tools to maintain multiple OpenStack Cluster, any concept of
Supervisory cluster available

9. Who all are the large organizations who deployed OpenStack as their
alternative over proprietary solutions(eg: VMware cloud and virtualization
products ..)

10. Does OpenInfra Foundation also provide direct support For OpenStack
Deployment ?  If yes  Kindly share the link / url where to contact
/approach for paid support ? in case the clients need paid support ?

11. Regarding security of cloud  environments /infrastructure, what are the
USPs of OpenStack cloud security  over other competing cloud middleware
providers ? and the vulnerability handling model/mechanism in production ?

Thanks in advance for your  invaluable inputs.

Each and every input from each member is valuable for me to showcase as
solid proofs to defend and promote the openstack over proprietary market

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