[designate] How to avoid NXDOMAIN or stale data during cold start of a (new) machine

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at inovex.de
Fri Jul 1 07:10:46 UTC 2022

On 07/06/2022 02:04, Michael Johnson wrote:
> There are two ways zones can be resynced:
> 1. Using the "designate-manage pool update" command. This will force
> an update/recreate of all of the zones.
> 2. When a zone is in ERROR or PENDING for too long, the
> WorkerPeriodicRecovery task in producer will attempt to repair the
> zone.
> I don't think there is a periodic task that checks the BIND instances
> for missing content at the moment. Adding one would have to be done
> very carefully as it would be easy to get into race conditions when
> new zones are being created and deployed.

Just as an update:

When playing with this issue of a cold start with no zones and 
"designate-manage pool update" no fixing it.
We found that somebody just ran into the issue of 
and proposed a fix (rndc modzone -> rndc addzone).

With this patch the "pool update" does cause all them missing zones to 
be created in a BIND instance that has either lost it's zones
or has just been added to the pool.



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