[openstacksdk] create object (eg. snapshot) on behalf of user as admin

Benedikt Trefzer benedikt.trefzer at cirrax.com
Wed Feb 9 14:46:42 UTC 2022

Hi list

I like to connect as an amin user to an openstack cloud and create a 
snapshot of a volume in the same project as the volume exists.

I use the openstacksdk to achive this in python.
So far I can connect as admin and create the snapshot but the
snapshot is in the admins project, not in the project of the volume.

Code so far:

from openstack import connect
import openstack.config


conn.volume.create_snapshot(name='test', description='testing', 

I tried to use

but was not successfull.

Please direct me in the correct direction to achive this ! Any help 



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