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Julia Kreger juliaashleykreger at
Mon May 24 13:28:16 UTC 2021

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 7:09 AM Jeremy Stanley <fungi at> wrote:
> On 2021-05-21 14:14:30 +0000 (+0000), Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> > On 2021-05-21 12:36:29 +0100 (+0100), Erno Kuvaja wrote:
> > [...]
> > > Looking at the movement over the past day, it seems like we're the
> > > only hesitant party here. Rest of the communities have either
> > > moved to or OFTC. I'd strongly advise us to do the
> > > same before things turn sour.
> >
> > OpenStack isn't the only community taking a careful and measured
> > approach to the decision. Ansible deferred deciding what to do about
> > their IRC channels until Wednesday of this coming week:
> >
> >
> In a similar vein, I've noticed that #python, #python-dev, #pypa and
> so on haven't moved off Freenode yet, though the topic in #python
> suggests there's some ongoing discussion to determine whether they
> should. Unfortunately it doesn't say where that's being discussed
> though, maybe on the Python community mailing lists or Discourse,
> however cursory searches I've performed turn up nothing.
> --
> Jeremy Stanley

I suspect they, like everyone else who has seen some of the latest
rules changes[0] and a report[1] of abuses of power, are looking at
treading lightly in order to do the best thing for their community. I
suspect we're going to see a mass migration to other platforms or
tools, regardless at this point in time. The rules changes are just
going to make it more difficult to keep the existing channels as

I firmly believe this is no longer a matter of should, but we now have
an imperative to ensure community communication continuity. If the
higher level project doesn't wish to come to quick consensus, then I
believe individual projects will make their own decisions and we'll
end up fragmenting the communication channels until things settle


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