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Sean Mooney smooney at
Thu May 20 17:20:04 UTC 2021

On Thu, 2021-05-20 at 18:06 +0200, Dmitry Tantsur wrote:
> On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 6:01 PM Thomas Goirand <zigo at> wrote:
> > On 5/19/21 6:22 PM, Artem Goncharov wrote:
> > > Yes, pool would be great.
> > > 
> > > Please do not take this offensive, but just stating IRC survived till
> > now and thus we should keep it is not really productive from my pov.
> > 
> > What about: everything else than IRC is just plain crap? Seriously,
> > that's plain truth...
> > 
> So is IRC. Seriously, I like bashing Slack as much as anyone, but this goes
> a bit overboard. You're disrespecting a decent number of FOSS projects that
> put good effort in making next generation communication platforms.
its not about slack bashing but there are types of applciation that are centralised
and comercailed that have usage paridimes that many it seams in the opentack comunity today
do not like. i actully had assume if we were to ever move away form irc we would move to
a decentrialed plathform like matrix or similar but i think the thread has show that wile
many fine the limitation of irc frustrating there are also many that find its simplicty uesful.

if we did not have gerrit, email, pastbin and etherpads to use in addtion to irc i definetly would
want somethign more and again im not agaisnt something like matix or other protocol now but im also not convice
those solution are more inclusive.

> > 
> > > Why is everything what OpenStack doing/using is so complex? (Please do
> > not comment on the items below, I’m not really interested in any
> > answers/explanations. This is a rhetorical question)
> > > - gerrit. Yes it is great, yes it is fulfilling our needs. But how much
> > we would lower the entry barrier for the contributions not using such
> > complex setup that we have.
> > > - irc. Yes it survived till now. Yes it does simple things the best way.
> > When I am online - everything is perfect (except of often connection
> > drops). But the fun starts when I am not online (one of the simplest things
> > for the communication platform with normally 60% of the day duration). Why
> > should anyone care of searching any reasonably maintained IRC bouncer (or
> > grep through eavesdrop logs), would should anyone pay for a simple mobile
> > client?
> > > - issue tracker. You know yourself...
> > 
> > Gerrit is just wonderful. What's hard isn't gerrit itself, is the way we
> > are processing the auth, which is another problem.
> > 
> > As for IRC bouncer, have you ever tried Quassel? It comes with:
> > - a heavy client on all major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac)
> > - a mobile client (which is quite nice, really...)
> > - an irc bouncer that's so easy to setup
> > 
> Do I get it right that you're suggesting that YOU will maintain a free IRC
> bouncer for everyone who needs it for OpenStack business? Or do you suggest
> that everyone sets up their own one? Even outreachy interns, drive-by
> contributors and non-coding contributors?
> In other words, "just use an IRC bouncer" shifts the problem from us to
> those who want to talk to us. So much for inclusiveness.
for what its worth i have work on openstack for 8 year or so now and i do not
and never have used an irc bouncer. granted i tend to leave my laptop connected to irc most of the time
but even when i dont i dont think being conected 24/7 is required or even nessalry a good thing.

again im sure my usage patterns differ form use an i get most of the benifti of a bounce by just leaving weechat
open in a window 24/7 but i do take your point that ne contibuter may not have irc, they also may not have pathform
X if we were to choose a different one. 

this is now well off the orginal topic but what woudl you propose we use if we were to replace irc?
> Dmitry
> > 
> > all of that integrated, in a single package. It's super super easy to
> > setup and I love it. Please do not replace this wonder by Slack or one
> > of its clones...
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > 
> > Thomas Goirand (zigo)
> > 
> > 

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