[election][requirements] PTL candidacy for Xena

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Mar 9 22:26:15 UTC 2021


My reply is not at all a comment on your candidacy, just a few remarks
on the topics you've raised (and on which I agree with you).

On 3/9/21 5:49 PM, Matthew Thode wrote:
> 2. Un-cap requirements where possible (stuff like prettytable).

Yeah, it's kind of amazing we're relying all our command line outputs on
a release of prettytable that is from 2013! Lucky, nobody in Debian
complained that it hasn't been updated...

> 4. Audit global-requirements and upper-constraints for redundancies.
> One of the rules we have for new entrants to global-requirements
> and/or upper-constraints is that they be non-redundant.  Keeping that
> rule in mind, audit the list of requirements for possible redundancies
> and if possible, reduce the number of requirements we manage.

We're currently using:
- anyjson
- ujson
- jsonpatch
- jsonschema
- jsonpath
- jsonpath-rw
- jsonpath-rw-ext
- simplejson
- jsonpointer

I'm not sure what they all do, but it does feel like there's room for
improvement... :)


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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