bindep, pacman, and PyPI release

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Sat Jan 16 16:41:17 UTC 2021

On 2020-12-13 11:43:35 +0100 (+0100), Jakob Lykke Andersen wrote:
> I'm trying to use bindep on Arch but hitting a problem with the
> output handling. It seems that 'pacman -Q' may output warning
> lines if you have a file with the same name as the package. E.g.,:
> $ mkdir cmake
> $ pacman -Q cmake
> error: package 'cmake' was not found
> warning: 'cmake' is a file, you might want to use -p/--file.
> The current detection assumes the "was not found" is the last part
> of the output. Applying the patch below seems to fix it.

Apologies for taking this long to reply, I've proposed the patch you
submitted here and listed you as co-author:

> After applying this patch, or whichever change you deem reasonable
> to fix the issue, it would be great if you could make a new
> release on PyPI.

Yes, once that patch is approved by other reviewers for bindep, I'll
make sure to tag a new release so it will appear on PyPI. Thanks for
providing this fix!
Jeremy Stanley
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