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Nagaraj Akkina mailakkina at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 10:51:56 UTC 2021


Openstack host show compute-host, shows more memory allocated to instances
than actual physical memory, although the memory allocation ratio is 1.0 in
nova.conf, the same is also shown in horizon dashboard hypervisor
statistics. We can see this in many compute nodes in the cluster. Also
these statistics does not match with free -g or cat /proc/meminfo.

For Example :                                  Memory_mb

| compute-node23 | (total)                     |  257915 |

| compute-node23 | (used_now)           |  271360 |

| compute-node23 | (used_max)           |  267264 |

How to avoid misleading statistics, also which statistics are actually

versions :

 openstack : Stein

 nova : 2:19.3.0-0ubuntu1~cloud0


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