Need help deploying Openstack

wodel youchi wodel.youchi at
Wed Aug 18 14:26:45 UTC 2021

I am trying to deploy openstack with tripleO using VMs and nested-KVM for
the compute node. This is for test and learning purposes.

I am using the Train version and following some tutorials.
I prepared my different template files and started the deployment, but I
got these errors :

*Failed to provision instance fc40457e-4b3c-4402-ae9d-c528f2c2ad30:
Asynchronous exception: Node failed to deploy. Exception: Agent API for
node 6d3724fc-6f13-4588-bbe5-56bc4f9a4f87 returned HTTP status code 404
with error: Not found: Extension with id iscsi not found. for node*


*Got HTTP 409: {"errors": [{"status": 409, "title": "Conflict", "detail":
"There was a conflict when trying to complete your request.\n\n Unable to
allocate inventory: Unable to create allocation for 'CUSTOM_BAREMETAL' on
resource provider '6d3724fc-6f13-4588-bbe5-56bc4f9a4f87'. The requested
amount would exceed the capacity. ",*

Could you help understand what those errors mean? I couldn't find anything
similar on the net.

Thanks in advance.

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