[tripleo] Re: Need help deploying Openstack

John Fulton johfulto at redhat.com
Wed Aug 18 15:01:02 UTC 2021

Hi Wodel,

Yes, it's possible to deploy openstack with tripleo using VMs and
nested-KVM for the compute node. I personally use this tool on my
hypervisor to do it.


By trying to get tripleo working with nested KVM without using a tool like
the above you might eventually create your own version of the same tool
though using the above helps you skip those steps.

The issue you're hitting from the error message below looks like the Nova
scheduler on the undercloud not finding an Ironic node that satisfies the
scheduling criteria. This can be debugged but you might find it easier to
just not have the problem by letting another tool deal with this for you.
Also, with wallaby and newer tripleo does not use Nova on the undercloud
and instead the recommended deployment process is to use metalsmith as
described here:


You also have the standalone option of using tripleo on a single VM:



On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 10:28 AM wodel youchi <wodel.youchi at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am trying to deploy openstack with tripleO using VMs and nested-KVM for
> the compute node. This is for test and learning purposes.
> I am using the Train version and following some tutorials.
> I prepared my different template files and started the deployment, but I
> got these errors :
> *Failed to provision instance fc40457e-4b3c-4402-ae9d-c528f2c2ad30:
> Asynchronous exception: Node failed to deploy. Exception: Agent API for
> node 6d3724fc-6f13-4588-bbe5-56bc4f9a4f87 returned HTTP status code 404
> with error: Not found: Extension with id iscsi not found. for node*
> and
> *Got HTTP 409: {"errors": [{"status": 409, "title": "Conflict", "detail":
> "There was a conflict when trying to complete your request.\n\n Unable to
> allocate inventory: Unable to create allocation for 'CUSTOM_BAREMETAL' on
> resource provider '6d3724fc-6f13-4588-bbe5-56bc4f9a4f87'. The requested
> amount would exceed the capacity. ",*
> Could you help understand what those errors mean? I couldn't find anything
> similar on the net.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards.
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