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Kendall Nelson kennelson11 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 13:17:07 UTC 2021

Hello All!

I would like to introduce you to project Skyline[1]! The team has been hard
at work getting it ready for the project
proposal stage. While they are not quite ready yet (still working on Zuul
testing and devstack integration), I wanted
to take a moment and give a little history on conversations in this space
and see if there was anything else they
needed to do before we actually draft the project proposal.

There was a mailing list thread[2] a while back that discussed updating
Horizon and what that would look like.

I would encourage you to read it if you're interested in the complete
history, but it all boils down to a few summaries-

1. Distributions are happy in the way that Horizon is deployed today
2. Distributions don't want to have a front-end JS based thingamajig
3. Users, operators and deployers want to improve the UI experience of
4. There is so much _historic_ stuff stuffed into Horizon that
rewriting something from scratch is easier than refactoring Horizon
5. The path to improving UI inside OpenStack is "starting from scratch".

Adrian's [4]:
"...As corny as it sounds, I think the first step is admitting we have a
problem, and getting a group of interested parties involved to actually
"design/build something better by broadcasting a call to arms of sorts.

Radomir's [5]:
"The current Horizon developers are not going to do it. We are too busy
maintaining the released versions of Horizon and trying to keep up with new
features being added to OpenStack, and that situation is unlikely to change
for at least several years from now, even if a replacement for Horizon with
full feature parity was released tomorrow — we will still need to support
the released versions of Horizon. We are happy to help with advice and
explanations of how current Horizon implementation works — but we won't
write the code. You have to start that project yourself or find other
developers willing to work on it, who won't mind you telling them which
framework to use."

" From the outside of this hypothetical team, the Horizon team says that
it will continue to maintain the distro-friendly Django-based Horizon
code, and that as a team it has no interest/bandwidth in driving a
rewrite internally. That means a new team needs to form up (even if
obviously some people can be member of both teams).

Now from the outside of this hypothetical new team, the TC can say if it
supports the idea of a more-JS-native harder-to-package framework and
would gladly add it the list of official OpenStack project teams as an
alternative solution to Horizon. That may encourage some to step up."

And Akihiro[7]
"The current state of horizon is almost in the maintenance mode. We
have less contributors release by release.
The current horizon team is very small (and horizon cores except one
are part-time with other projects or outside of OpenStack upstream),
so I don't think the horizon team can lead the effort properly.

I think it is better that folks interested in this start an effort to
implement OpenStack dashboard in modern technologies for better UX
as a separate project (or a separate branch)."

Cut to the last PTG[8] when the Skyline folks attended the Horizon sessions
to work with the team which you can also catch up.

And now, we have the Skyline team working on the last few things (I think)
before they are ready to propose it as an OpenStack project. I, for one, am
excited to have this infusion of new contributors that can help bring a new
OpenStack dashboard into reality.

If you have any feedback on other things that need to happen before they
can be proposed as a project, please reply!

-Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)

[1] Repos: https://opendev.org/skyline/
[2] Original thread:
[3] Mohammed's summary
[4] Adrian's summary
[5] Radomir's summary
[6] Thierry's summary
[7] Akihiro's summary
[8] PTG Discussion: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/xena-ptg-horizon-planning
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