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By https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/ussuri/admin/config-sfc.html, it is
stated that SFC essentially is the SDN version of PBR. On the other side,
PBR is supported by OVN. Is there any initiative of Neutron SFC driver for
OVN which utilize native PBR support of OVN without having to alternate the
OVN itself?

For example, for having a port pair of port A to port B for flow classifier
of HTTP traffic, we might make PBR which match HTTP traffic from port A
address and set the next hop to port B address. The other way which might
be used is destination NATing (redirection) on port A for HTTP traffic to
port B address. OVN has native support for NAT too, but I think the PBR way
is better.

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