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Nutanix approach might be interesting.


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> Hi,
> By https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/ussuri/admin/config-sfc.html, it is
> stated that SFC essentially is the SDN version of PBR. On the other side,
> PBR is supported by OVN. Is there any initiative of Neutron SFC driver for
> OVN which utilize native PBR support of OVN without having to alternate the
> OVN itself?
> For example, for having a port pair of port A to port B for flow
> classifier of HTTP traffic, we might make PBR which match HTTP traffic from
> port A address and set the next hop to port B address. The other way which
> might be used is destination NATing (redirection) on port A for HTTP
> traffic to port B address. OVN has native support for NAT too, but I think
> the PBR way is better.
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