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Fri Aug 21 07:43:04 UTC 2020



It looks like the OS_TOKEN environment variable can be set so a token
can be re-used instead of a new authentication for each CLI command with
the OpenStack Client.  I'm a little confused as to how this works and
haven't found any good documentation on the subject.


I would have expected to be able to:

0) set appropriate OS_* variables for password authentication 

1) create a token using "openstack token issue"

2) unset all OS_* environment variables

3) set OS_TOKEN to the token's value provided in #1

4) set OS_AUTH_TYPE to "v3token"

5) set OS_AUTH_URL to the respective KeyStone endpoint


7) use the CLI as normal


However, I get a "The service catalog is empty." message.  Maybe I'm
missing something above or am I completely misunderstanding the purpose
of the OS_TOKEN variable?


>From examples I have seen, it looks like the token can be used in a REST
API call.  Is there a way to use an existing token with the CLI,
instead, so a new token is not issued for every CLI command





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